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Wooden Ladder Consulting is an accredited applied research, development, and testing organization serving agriculture and industry in Canada and around the world.

Our diversified expertise helps make us a farm-technology leader serving the agricultural sector by providing independent, third-party farm products and equipment evaluation and development spurring technological advances in all areas of traditional farming practices.

Services include: design, development, fabrication and evaluation of biosecurity products and SOP’s , infection control products and SOP’s equipment, machinery and components as well as value-added process reviews, pilot plant design, and optimization.

Our operations and our highly trained and experienced professionals and technical staff are available across Canada.


A Multi-Faceted Research and Development Organization

Wooden Ladder Consulting is a multi-faceted research and development organization with a unique mix of capabilities. It’s primary and historic agricultural focus and experience gives it unparalleled depth and knowledge of agricultural processes, products and equipment. It confidentially knows and can work with any type of agricultural equipment or products used at any stage of the agricultural cycle from farm to plate

Wooden Ladders agrarian capabilities have extended beyond equipment and products for the producer that the equipment and or products are designed to work with. Wooden Ladders teams of researchers and producers work together to identify the feasibility of developing and marketing real world solutions for new or alternative uses.

The Unique Benefits of a Dual Focus

Wooden Ladder Consulting capabilities have also extended beyond its primary focus in the agricultural sector to a secondary focus related to biosecurity, infection control, hygiene and real-time water and chemical/cleaners/disinfectant monitoring equipment The knowledge learned through its agricultural expertise has proven to be transferrable to other industrial sectors including:

The knowledge learned through its agricultural expertise has proven to be transferrable to other industrial sectors including:

  • Vehicles and transportation equipment

  • Mining and forestry equipment that, like agriculture, gather and process raw materials

  • Worker and Animal Safety equipment that require similar flexibility, mobility, durability and safety requirements demanded of agricultural and other industrial equipment

Wooden Ladder has become uniquely placed in its business sector with its dual focus in both the agricultural and transportation sectors. Wooden Ladder’s many years of testing experience provides practical knowledge that goes well beyond research theory to the core of how products and machines and processes perform and fail in the real world. This leads to cost-effective durable solutions and designs that save clients time and money in their research, development, of products and process improvements.

Our extensive experience in commercialization of products in the Agriculture Sector can expedite any number and types of products and or services to profitable revenue stream.

Capabilities Include

  • Research, engineering and consulting services

  • Testing services

  • Testing equipment

  • Field services

  • Facilities

  • Environmental management

  • Hygiene, biosecurity, infection control services

  • Product commercialization

  • Raising capital

  • Grant application services

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The team of Wooden Ladder Consulting has proven results in AMPR applications.

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