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In the 2015 Speech from the Throne, the Government of Canada committed to legalizing, regulating, and restricting access to marijuana. The Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, supported by the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness and the Minister of Health, has created a Task Force on Marijuana Legalization and Regulation (“the Task Force”). 

The Task Force is mandated to engage with provincial, territorial and municipal governments, Indigenous governments and representative organizations, youth, and experts in relevant fields, including but not limited to: public health, substance abuse, criminal justice, law enforcement, economics, and industry and those groups with expertise in production, distribution and sales. We have the expertise to help you manage, engineer, or design the facilities you need to meet all regulatory compliance requirements.

Who is Wooden Ladder Consulting

Wooden Ladder Consulting is a Canadian-based medicinal marijuana consulting company comprised of a highly experienced team of industry professionals who can manage the entire licensing and application process in compliance with the Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (AMPR)

We ensure that your application is complete and accurate before submitting it to avoid unnecessary delays and costs. Upon receipt of a letter to build we will manage the entire build out of your facility and communicate with Health Canada to manage all inspections and guide you through the audit process.

We provide all staff training and/or manage the facility on your behalf implementing all required systems, quality controls, SOP’s, marketing and inventory control, patient care, branding etc.

We have extensive experience taking clients to the finish line and beyond. We can prepare extensive business plans and raise capital required whether private or through public vehicles. We are dedicated to your success.

Wooden Ladder Consulting is currently works with a number of First Nations Communities across Canada seeking to go forward in the application of an AMPR Facility. Our team has had a number of approved AMPR applications for our clients.

Capabilities Include

  • Research, engineering and consulting services

  • Testing services

  • Testing equipment

  • Field services

  • Facilities

  • Environmental management

  • Hygiene, biosecurity, infection control services

  • Product commercialization

  • Raising capital

  • Grant application services

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The cannabis industry is exploding and is ripe for investment, but there are a variety of complexities that make it unique. We can help you increase your revenue and decrease your level of risk by connecting you with a reliable legal team, an HR team, accountant, retail operations and much more. Give us a call to learn more about our resources and services.

Wooden Ladder and Associates will help you obtain a Producer’s License for the production of Medical Marijuana under current regulations.

Medical Marijuana under current regulations.

  • We will ensure that your application is complete and accurate before submitting it to avoid unnecessary delays and costs.

  • We communicate with Health Canada and guide you through the audit process.

  • Once your application is approved, we implement complete construction set up and management including QA, SOP and comprehensive inventory control systems.

  • Wooden Ladder & Associates provides on-going regulatory and quality support. Our team of qualified professionals is always available to address any questions or issues you many have.

  • We have extensive Regulatory and Quality Assurance experience and expertise with both Health Canada and FDA in both regulatory affairs and audits which we will use to guide you through every step of the process.

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